Wax Melts

Rose Ball Wax Melt

Ignite your senses with the exquisite Rose Ball Wax Melt. Delicate and elegant, this scented wax melt creates an ambiance of a blooming paradise, love and serenity.  Purchase your Rose Ball Wax Melt today and embrace the beauty of roses.

All molds and candles are made with soy wax.

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Dimensions 1.6 × 1.8 in

Honolulu Sun, Mermaid, Fire Amber, Amber Romance, Peaches & Cream, Sandle Wood, Teakwood, Sweet Tobacco, Caribbean Escape, Love Spell, Mountain Meets Ocean, Beautiful Day, Mountain Rain, Sugar Kiss, PS. I Love You, Monkey Farts, Barrier Reef, Juniper Breeze


Aquamarine, Black, Blue Grey, Blush Pink, Brown, Brown Black, Christmas Green, Coffee, Gamboge, Golden Yellow, Gray, Green, Grey, Ivory, Lavender, Lilac, Lime Green, Olive Green, Orange, Peach, Pink, Pure Gold, Purple, Purple Blue, Purplish Red, Red, Red Wine, Reddish Orange, Rose Red, Sapphire, Sky Blue, Soft Red, Steel Blue, Sunny Yellow, Violet, Viridis, Water Blue, White, Yellow, Yellow Gold